200 years – Have we learnt nothing?

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On 26th May, I watched a video on Twitter where I saw a policeman kneeling on the neck of a detained person who was complaining that he couldn’t breathe. Another…

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ASREP Attacks

I am following @zephrphish and his series entitled "The Path to DA" which you can catch on his zeprhsec YouTube channel here. This week he did a session on Kerberoasting…

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RDP to Kali Linux

I occasionally have to use Kali in an almost entirely windows infrastructure. It is a VM on ESX and using the console through VSphere is, quite frankly, absolute pants. After…

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IT Manager to Conference Speaker

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My journey into infosec is well documented on twitter and some will know that I claim that it started in June 2018 in a classroom belonging to BSI Dublin, studying…

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Well, it didn’t take long for me to become embroiled in controversy in the infosec world, in fact it took just one panel discussion. I considered for some time whether…

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Gordon Banks

A Hero Who Could Fly Eulogy by Don Mullan Stoke Minister Church, Stoke-on-Trent, England4 March 2019 Distinguished guests, dignitaries and friends, I must begin by thanking Mrs. Ursula Banks, and…

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