PowerShell has some things called PSProviders. PSProviders are .NET programs that allow easy access to data stores such as the file system, registry, certificate stores and the environment amongst other…

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PSDrives are the presentation of a connected datastore by a PSProvider. They are repesented by a name. ProviderDrive(s)AliasAlias:CertificateCert:EnvironmentEnv:FileSystemC: (*)FunctionFunction:RegistryHKLM: HKCU:VariableVariable:WSManWSMan:Default PSProviders with their Name First of all lets see what…

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Terminology OK, this has turned out to be a long post and we need to start with some terminology. Its important here to understand the names and acronyms so you…

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What are Variables

What is a variable? This is an introduction to PowerShell and so this article will only discuss very basic variable types and information. If you want a more detailed discussion…

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Nmap – Introduction and Networking Primer

Introduction and Networking Primer. Driven by the lack of clear information I had when I started, I wanted to write something about Nmap, try to present the options in as structured a way as possible and provide some insight and detail instead of just “instruction”

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Nmap – Getting Help

Getting Help The first thing that I must urge you to do is become self sufficient. There is an online manual at but don't rely on that being available. One day you may find yourself onsite somewhere that internet access is very restricted, what would you do then?

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Goodbye Jack Butland

There was a time, not so long ago when I thought nobody would replace Thomas Sorensen, then Asmir Begovich came along. There was nobody I wanted in goal more than…

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